Cities of Ukraine


The Carpathian Mountains or Carpathians are a range of mountains forming an arc roughly 1,500 km long across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the largest mountain range in Europe. They provide the habitat for the largest European populations of brown bears, wolves, chamois and lynxes, as well as over one third of all European plant species.

The chain of mountain ranges stretches in an arc from the Czech Republic (3%) in the northwest to Slovakia (17%), Poland (10%), Hungary (4%), Ukraine (11%) and Romania (55%) in the east, to the Iron Gates on the River Danube between Romania and Serbia in the south.

The Carpathian chain is usually divided into three major parts: the Western Carpathians (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia), the Eastern Carpathians (southeastern Poland, eastern Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania), and the Southern Carpathians (Romania, Serbia).

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