Any kind of business, especially the kind that influences people’s lives and destinies of companies, must be based on principles of ethics. In process of our work, all PERSONNEL employees follow the Ethic Code of the Ukrainian Recruiting Association (URA).   


While working with a Client or Candidate it is obligatory for us to pursue Client/Candidate’s interests and not to turn this work to personal non-contractual advantage. We always respect confidential information entrusted to us by our Clients and Candidates.  

Confidential information provided by the Client can only be used to accomplish the order and according to the Client’s interests. The agency provides the Candidates only with information previously agreed with the Client. We also ask our Clients to guarantee confidentiality of all information about the Candidates and to use it only for the purpose of filling the vacant position. 

PERSONNEL guarantees confidentiality to each Candidate we deal with: it is prohibited to give the Candidate’s details to anyone, except the potential employer and to disclose the fact of the Candidate’s turning to the recruiting agency except in the frame of the search the Candidate is participating in. The information given by the candidate can only be used for providing recruiting services. The reference check procedure we conduct is always intended not to affect the position of the candidate at the present place of work.   



 We share and follow the worldwide Professional Practice Guidelines – the Code of Ethics, the Client’s Bill of Rights, and the Candidate's Bill of Rights – established by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).


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