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Finance market in Ukraine has been developing rapidly during the last years. The most essential rise started in 2004. Finance, banking, investment, real estate markets were booming before the economic crisis in autumn 2008. These sectors observed 1,5-2 times growth each year, and so at that time we came to the “labor market of candidate”, when candidates dictated their work conditions and the employers had to follow in order to gain the necessary manager. The amount of counter-offers has increased tremendously, and in 50% of all job offers our candidates got counter-offers from their current companies that were interested in keeping valuable employees. Very often the candidates were offered very high salaries and compensation packages, which exceeded their current salaries 2-3 times.

The year 2009 was really tough on all industries, especially for banks, real estate, investment and insurance companies. Some of the companies closed their offices in Ukraine, many have reduced their staff substantively. In 2010 experts observe rather stable situation in the sector, with gradual growth of leading companies. The currency rate is quite stable, but the loan services market will grow mostly due to corporate loans, not individual ones.

Finance, Banking, Investment industries always were and remain one of PERSONNEL’s core activities. Today PERSONNEL Executive is the leading player in Finance recruitment market in Ukraine. Our team has developed successful cooperation with the companies operating in the following sectors:

  • Commercial Banks
  • Financial Services
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • CFO
  • Chief Accountants
  • Finance Managers
  • Finance/Accounting specialists

The market of financial managers in Ukraine is rather stable and settled. The salaries of financial specialists are growing in accordance to the market development; the demand for such specialists is quite stable. The amount of financial specialists of international level in Ukraine is higher than the amount of other specialists, for example, marketing or logistics managers. The explanation is that the sphere of finance is more global and less dependent on local peculiarities. A lot of Ukrainian financial specialists have studied and certified in international standards (CFA, CIIA, FRM, CEFA, CII, ACCA, CPA, and CIB). The most common certification of financial specialists in Ukraine is ACCA.

Most of such specialists are working in foreign companies in Ukraine. Many of them started career in the companies of Big 4, then worked in accounting and finance departments of foreign companies. Currently some of them are working on the positions of CFO in Ukrainian divisions of large international companies.
While searching for CFO in Ukraine international companies often prefer Ukrainian financial managers. It is because such specialists know not only international standards of finance and accounting, but also the specificity of Ukrainian accounting and tax legislation, which is regulated by rather complicated local legislation.

During more than 16-years selecting of Financial, Banking, Audit specialists for our Clients we have performed more than 400 placements to foreign companies in various sectors. More than 40 assignments for CFO/Finance Manager, more than 100 assignments for Chief Accountant (for trading, production companies, representative offices, etc.), more than 30 assignments for Finance Controllers, a number of audit specialists and highly qualified professionals for bank, insurance, investment and real estate companies – are among our achievements during these years.

Finance practice of PERSONNEL Executive is one of the oldest and most developed since 1993; it currently generates about 20% of our assignments. Our successful work in this field is confirmed by a number of reference letters from our clients, such as Alfa-Bank, Avon, British American Tobacco, Nokia Siemens Networks, Pricewaterhouse, Raiffeisen Investment, etc. More than 15 Reference Letters are a result of our work in this sector.

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