IT/Telecom market in Ukraine has been developing since the beginning of 2000s. In 2005 Ukrainian IT market volume amounted to $ 1,5 billion. The tendency of development was comparable to Central and Eastern European markets, and up to the end of 2008 when economic crisis occurred, IT/Telecom market in Ukraine was booming, rapidly growing 1,5-2 times each year. In 2009 some companies left the market and many have decreased their offices considerably; the market shortened at 50-52%, up to $ 1,9 billion. Market experts foresee that it will be possible to gain the before crisis level only in 2011-2012.

During the last years recruiting top talents for IT/Telecom industry became one of PERSONNEL
’s core activities. Today PERSONNEL Executive is the leading player in IT/Telecom recruitment market in Ukraine. No matter if times are good or bad, it’s hard to imagine life without communication and data processing. That’s why IT & Telecommunications sector is so vital to business.

Our experience in attracting effective managers and specialists in IT/Telecom sectors comes from a number of successfully completed assignments for world leading companies operating in the following sectors:

  • IT Consulting
  • Mobile Operators
  • Software Development
  • Software & Hardware Vendors and Distributors
  • Telecommunication and Network Equipment
  • CIO/IT Directors and IT Managers for various companies


We observe growing demand for qualified IT/Telecom specialists (both engineering and sales) since the beginning of 2010, as many of the companies operating in this sector are increasing their staff. But the amount of potential candidates corresponding to the requirements of foreign companies (fluent English, experience in special sector or product, fitting to corporate culture of a multinational company) is still rather low, so the competition for such specialists at the Ukrainian labor market will increase.

PERSONNEL Executive is selecting highly qualified managers during 16 years (including placements for General Manager, CIO, IT Manager, IT Analyst, ERP Sales Manager, Key Account Manager positions, Solution Manger, Solution Architect, etc.). We can offer you the highest quality candidates of all levels from IT Specialist to a General Manager of software development company.

We are proud to have fruitful cooperation and reference letters from the following companies: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia Siemens Networks, Oracle, etc. Our customers are leading multinational companies having well-established operations or acting as small representative offices, or just starting their activities at the Ukrainian market.

To find necessary specialists, please, contact PERSONNEL's Partner Veronika Bodashko tel.+38 044 585 07 60/61/62/63/64). 

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