Senior Consultant Veronika Bodashko became a Partner of PERSONNEL

During three years of her work for PERSONNEL she had over 60 successful top assignments for the large multinational companies.  

Representative of PERSONNEL visited our partner in Czech Republic

The goal of the visit was establishing more deep relationship with our Czech colleagues, exchanging experience, and also visiting one of the company's key Clients. 

Senior Consultant Anna Chepurnaya (Selyuk) joined ADV Group Ukraine as HR Manager

 ADV Group was founded in 1995. Today ADV is one of the largest advertising holdings in CIS. ADV Group consists of 25 different companies specializing in marketing communications in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In 1999 ADV Group started its activities in Ukraine. Today it is more than 400 unique marketing professionals.

Results of research on recruiting agencies brands awareness

Research company "Research Service" on URA's request has performed the project on evaluating quality of recruiting agencies work. During this research an observation of agencies' brands awareness was conducted separately - on three categories - positive, neutral and negative references. 

Results of research on evaluation of recruiting agencies services quality

257 companies - consumers of recruiting services - have expressed their opinion on the quality of work of all recruiting agencies they have been cooperating with during the whole period of their work at the Ukrainian market.


Representatives of PERSONNEL took part in annual European meeting of Executive Search companies

More than 50 representatives from 11 offices of P&P took part in this meeting. During this conference a decision on PERSONNEL's representation of P&P interests at the Ukrainian market was reached. These relationships will be built on cross-boarder assignments basis. 

PERSONNEL became one of the founders of the Ukrainian Recruiting Association

37 agencies took a decision to join the association with the goal to raise the quality of their services and to develop market of recruiting services further. 

Cooperation agreement with a large European Executive Search agency was reached

As a result of these negotiations cooperation agreement between PERSONNEL and Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger company was reached, after which we have started our first common project - start-up of the large European building materials manufacturer in Ukraine.

Senior Consultant Elena Maslova joined Baltic Beverages Holding as HR Specialist

 Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) was founded in 1991 by the companies Hartwall (Finland) and Pripps (Sweden) - Ringnes (Norway) (the last was a part of production group Orkla) specially for investing into beer and non-alcoholic branches of Eastern European countries. 


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