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"It is hereby my pleasure to confirm that IKEA Ukraine has been using the services of PERSONNEL Executive Recruitment agency on a regular basis since 2005. During this period we have filled 8 vacancies with their help - quite a considerable amount, in view of the relatively small size of our organization... Thanks to their friendly relations that we've developed over the years with the staff of PERSONNEL, we have also felt comfortable consulting with the agency in general questions connected to other staff-related issues.

We have used many recruitment agencies over the years, but PERSONNEL remains one of our constant partners thanks to the guaranteed level of quality they can offer. The management and staff of the company are service-minded and easy to work with, and as a client we  have appreciated the high level of support from them in all common dealings. I am therefore happy to recommend PERSONNEL to anybody in need of a professional and client-oriented recruitment agency."

Malin Ahlbeck
HR and Administration Manager Ikea Dnipro LLC

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